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Wright Rice History

Welcome to Crystal Rice Heritage Farm

The Crystal Rice Heritage Farm is the historic location in Crowley, LA where Sol Wright (full name Salmon L. Wright) invented the Blue Rose variety of rice which changed the entire rice industry - and the world - for the better. The rice varieties Sol bred successfully, are the basis for the strong, disease-resistant American rice seed being used today.

The Crystal Rice Heritage Farm is also the location of the Blue Rose Rice Museum - home to many relics of the Acadian era and other pieces of history including some from Abraham Lincoln. The Blue Rose Rice Museum is a National Historical Landmark located in Crowley, right next to the Wright Group’s facility.

We are also one of the only places in the nation you can get a Blue Rose Rice Cooker - which is a stove top, three piece cooker that simply makes the best rice by steaming! Thank you for visiting Crystal Rice Heritage Farm!
Crystal Rice History